Capture Compelling Perspectives with FPV Drones

Looking to step up your game and get ahead of the crowd? Are you one in the Hospitality or Real Estate sector? Then, it’s high time you showcase your amenities with jaw-dropping FPV shots!

What are FPV Drones?

FPV or ‘First Person View’ drone visuals are gaining traction worldwide and are revolutionising video-based marketing campaigns. Apart from looking incredibly cool, FPV footages assure quality and perspectives. They are viewed/operated from the drone’s point of view, as opposed to the traditional drone piloting method, in which the pilot controls the drones from their perspective on the ground— capturing the most captivating and engaging footage ever captured. We’re used to more static cameras, or at best, head-mounted cameras, but these don’t convey the same hair-raising tight spaces and gripping sensations.

Take, for example, the footage from Red Bull Race in Chile with Tomas Slavik. The audiences are almost always glued to their screens when they see awesome visuals—wondering how it translates to our business initiatives? The immediate reaction to these cool content is to engage with them – by liking, commenting or sharing them. These videos are powerful enough to initiate word-of-mouth marketing.

Design-wise, an FPV drone tends to be much smaller and more lightweight compared to other commercial drones – for instance, the DJI FPV – enabling it to fly seamlessly through extremely narrow spaces. However, in terms of operation, FPV drones and conventional drones are nearly identical; both are remote-controlled aircraft capable of transmitting live video via the onboard camera.

Pros and Cons of FPV Drones

The advantages of FPV drones are mainly tied to the immersive flying experience and the stunning visuals it captures. It not only shows us the bigger picture, rather it gives us the actual feel of every minute detail of the displayed space. “With FPV Drones, both the process (flying) and the results (jaw-dropping visuals) are equally rewarding,” says Marlo Derla, FEDS’ FPV pilot.

Let’s think of this scenario – Suppose you want to dine out tonight. Of course, first, you’ll go to the internet, only to get bombarded with restaurant suggestions. And I swear, a restaurant shot with an FPV drone will certainly capture your attention. Wondering why? Well, a research paper states that 66% of buyers are more likely to buy something after watching a promotional video, and the next marketing frontier is drone footage. FPV visuals help us sense the vibe, the energy, the ambience, and significantly more!

Wrapping Up!

FPV Drones capture spaces from unique and compelling angles – whether zipping over city skylines, flying through treetops, or tracing the corners of the world – you’ll be compelled to stop scrolling, play-replay, and admire these visuals!

There’s no reason to hang around for static, boring footage when you can have more dynamic and exciting visuals with FPVs. If accuracy and elegance is your thing, FPV is for you! So let us collaborate; we’ll help you stand out from the crowd.

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