Hands-on Workshop on senseFly’s Newest Survey & Mapping Drone

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Hands-on Workshop on senseFly’s Newest Survey & Mapping Drone

In our previous article about the eBee Geo, we spoke about the backpack that it comes in; and how you could walk out onto the field and fly. That is exactly what we did; we made a day out of it and organized a workshop followed by a demo with the eBee Geo at front and centre.
To highlight the benefits of senseFly’s newest eBee, FEDS-Drone Powered Solutions organized a workshop supported by ICBA (International Center for Biosaline Agriculture). The workshop took place on the 6th of April on ICBA’s campus in Dubai, ICBA’s support was instrumental in making the workshop accessible and beneficial to all. They maintain an environment that encourages learning by providing a space that nurtures both practical and theoretical development.

Starting at 9:30 am, the first session was a quick introduction by Jude Searchfield, the Sales Manager at FEDS. He introduced the new eBee Geo in contrast with the eBee X and explained how the eBee Geo just made drone surveys and mapping a lot more accessible. He then passed the floor to Nikin MJ, the Head of Training and Support- Nikin’s workshop on Photogrammetry and seseFly’s eBee was incredibly informative and engaging.

Starting with the basics, FEDS designed the workshop to benefit all; industry professionals, drone enthusiasts and project managers. Nikin helped establish a fundamental understanding of photogrammetry and then explained the key features of the eBee Geo and how to best leverage your knowledge with the characteristics of the eBee to produce impeccable results. This section sparked questions like; recommended image overlap, the altitude to fly at to get good GSD, and is sensor resolution really that important? And more. Nikin answered all the questions posed and provided insight that he has gained from his experience as a veteran drone pilot.

Next on the agenda was senseFly’s tried and tested eMotion software. Nikin walked the participants through the software by showing a step-by-step tutorial on flight planning and sharing some of his tips and tricks that he uses to ensure optimal output. Nikin displayed the robust capabilities of the eMotion software and how to best use it to our advantage when planning our next survey & mapping mission.  Confident in knowing how to plan a drone flight mission using the eMotion software, next was taking the drone out for a test flight to implement all that we had learned.

Driving into ICBA’s sizable campus, we found a desirable stretch of land that we can use the eBee Geo to map with. With our flight plan in hand and senseFly’s eMotion software supporting us, all that was left to do was the launch. Nikin explained the final checks that are advisable to follow before launching the drone and how to launch the drone itself. Launching the eBee Geo seems easy enough; the main aspects to keep in mind are to face the direction opposing the wind flow and launching the drone by hand. It may seem daunting at first, but Nikin assured us that the brilliant minds at senseFly had worked tirelessly to ensure a smooth, safe and easy launch procedure.

We stood by and watched the drone capture images; as it did that, Nikin explained how the eBee achieves its accuracy and how that played an important factor in processing the data. Just as easily as it had launched, the drone automatically regulated its altitude and angle of approach to land back on the ground- all without human intervention. The whole workshop and demo highlighted the benefits of having a robust mapping drone like the eBee Geo. Nikin showed the participants how to easily and effectively conduct their own survey and mapping missions.

If you’d like to be a part of more sessions like this in the future- make sure to follow us on LinkedIn. Or you can email us to directly add you onto our mailing list where we announce our workshops and other events before any other platform. Should you want to learn more about the eBee Geo or would like to set up a private demo for your organization to see the benefits yourself- we can arrange that for you; get in touch with us now.

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