The Same Reliable eBee at a Lesser Price

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The Same Reliable eBee at a Lesser Price

The so-called glass ceiling of the GIS industry has been broken by senseFly. Drones undoubtedly produce better data, are quicker and make operations safer and now even more affordable. Priced around the 10,000 USD mark, senseFly’s new eBee Geo makes drone surveying and mapping a lot more accessible.
The eBee Geo is an extremely affordable fixed-wing mapping drone that achieves results uncompromisingly. True to its eBee prefix, the eBee Geo is advanced, lightweight and yet astonishingly durable. Designed to operate even in the harshest conditions the Geo can reliably map up to 160ha per flight, thanks to its impressive 45 min battery life.

Powered by the capable eMotion software, the eBee Geo makes mapping easy, scalable, affordable and even fun! If you are looking for greater accuracy, then the eBee Geo can be fitted with an RTK module as well, ensuring that your data and the resulting outputs are as accurate as one can be.

Fitted with the tried and tested- now revered SODA (Sensor Optimized for Drone Applications) camera you can enjoy sharp and clear mapping outputs. senseFly has managed to build an advanced, light and durable fixed-wing drone into one affordable package.

The eBee Geo comes right out of the box with everything you need to get that data; with a SODA camera, eMotion and of course the drone itself. If you’d like to get your hands on senseFly’s culmination of 10 years of drone mapping and excellence- the eBee Geo; get in touch with us and start mapping.

Want to learn more?

Want to learn more about the eBee Geo and what it can offer you?
Join our virtual meetup on:

Wednesday, 10 February 2021 1 PM UAE Time

Joined by me are senseFly's Product and Technical Support team who are more than happy to address all of your questions while also providing an in-depth look at:

eBee Geo hardware specs ✔️
Platform integration & compatibility ✔️
Flight performance ✔️
Data reliability & outputs ✔️
Product availability ✔️

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