Our Journey Getting ISO 21384-3:2019 certified

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Our Journey Getting ISO 21384-3:2019 certified

ISO 21384-3:2019 is the first International Standard specifically for Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS). FEDS is one of the first in the world and the only drone service provider in the Middle East to meet all the highest possible international standards in drone operations.
"We started FEDS from a small office in 2014, with just me, two pilots, and an office admin. At the time in the region, commercial drones were non-existent…" Rabih Bou Rached, the CEO and Founder of FEDS, proudly recollects. What an incredible journey it has been.

Falcon Eye Drones (FEDS), endorsed as the No. 1 drone service provider by the DRONEII - independent drone market intelligence group, is now ISO certified. FEDS achieved the ISO 21384-3:2019 certification – the first International Standard specifically for Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS). This ISO standard stipulates globally agreed and accepted requirements for safe commercial operations, which incorporates a number of key areas, including Safety and Security, Data Protection and Cyber Security, Operator Documentation, Insurance, Operations Management, Maintenance, Privacy and more.

“This is what good looks like", commented Laurence Clarke, Certification Manager,  IQ Verify the UK Certification organisation, while congratulating FEDS for raising the bars of drone operations. The auditor team from IQ Verify specifically appreciated the way FEDS effectively utilised the Drone Compliance Management System- Drone Logbook, among many other good practices.

Significance of ISO 21384-3:2019

“Being ISO 21384-3:2019 certified ensures safe and sustainable drone operations compared to having a general ISO certification, and we also get a sense of responsibility to maintain the standards. We at FEDS have been very particular about safety – drone safety, pilot safety, public and environmental safety. Likewise, we are also particular about the drone operators, whether they compliant to perform the drone operations physically, mentally and intellectually – these progressive approaches to the operations were instrumental to achieving this milestone", recollects Nikin Mohan James, Training and Support Manager and veteran pilot at FEDS.

It is worth mentioning that Rabih, the founder and CEO of FEDS Group, was the first person to train a commercial drone pilot in the UAE, and this drone pilot is now FEDS' Head of Training and Support— Nikin Mohan James.


FEDS revolutionized the Middle East's commercial space by introducing Drones-as-a-service in 2014. Today, FEDS is not just the number 1 drone service provider in the middle east- but among the top drone companies in the world. FEDS uses its DT3 (Drone Tech, Data Tech & Digital Transformation) approach to provide comprehensive drone solutions across all industries that are faster, more accurate and safer. Using drones, we carry out aerial mapping, surveying, inspection and progress monitoring that are far more efficient and cost-effective. Partnered with Aerodyne, FEDS now operates globally, serving over 35 countries.

Our Services

FEDS harnesses a culture where operational safety, conformity, governance and assurance are at the vanguard of the Drone operations; we promote the highest possible standards of training and all sorts of ongoing operational effectiveness. Our services are:

"Together, these standards will enable the development of new applications for UAS far beyond that which we see now," said John Walker, Chair of the ISO subcommittee that developed the BS ISO 21384-3 standard.

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