Drones in Construction Industry

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Drones in Construction Industry

This past year, more than 30,000 users put us to work creating the largest drone data repository — now with over 400,000 maps of job sites, farms, and structures. Our growth is a testament to the growing community of commercial drone users.

While dozens of industries use drones, the fastest growing commercial adopter is the construction industry. Drone use on the job site has skyrocketed in the last year — surging 239% — and construction is now the leading sector using our services.
With growth like that, you probably have some questions. How are companies putting drones to work? Who exactly is benefiting from drone data? And what are the results? In this post, we share some recent insights uncovered from analyzing the latest FEDs user data. Read on to get the most recent trends and statistics from drone data captured on 400,000 job sites in 180 countries.
We recently published our 2018 Commercial Drone Industry Trends Report, which covers the spectacular rise of drones across industries. Read on to get some of the latest drone trends and statistics in construction, or download the full report here.

We talk a lot about what’s possible with drones on our blog, but who is actually taking advantage of the technology? Project managers, technology managers, and superintendents are the top roles benefiting from drone data to date.

It’s no surprise that project managers are leading the charge to bring drones to the job site. The typical project runs over budget, behind schedule. Drones help close the gap.


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