How drones will fight the CoronaVirus

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How drones will fight the CoronaVirus

The spread of CoronaVirus (Covid-19) throughout the world has exacerbated the lack of preparation for a global pandemic.  We must be prepared to tackle this crisis head-on, ensuring we all act responsibly, not just for ourselves, but for those surrounding us.
Drones are immune to infection; they offer a solution to prevent further spread of the virus.  Human-to-human alternatives are real solutions in the face of some big challenges for society.  Will there be enough staff to run production lines or deliveries?  Will there be a shortfall of inspection work delaying costly enterprises?  We cannot put a sum on the loss of life, but what we should be doing is searching for real-world alternatives to help maintain a sense of normality in society.

Drone pilots operate remotely, with minimal contact with other people, inspections are less invasive and assist in the continuation of work.  We cannot alter the impact on human lives by the Corona Virus, but we can alter the future impact it may have in a day to day lives.

Drone for Body Temperature Detection

To assist in the detection of coronavirus (COVID-19), FEDS Innovation team developed a bespoke body measuring drone. A Custom app is used to enhance the drone capability in detecting body temperature.

Drone Spray

Technology is available to reduce human interaction; we need to usher in a new technological era to help prevent the turmoil created by a lack of preparation.

Drones used to spray disinfectants are becoming relevant to help fight the battle against CoronaVirus.  Ensuring greater safety by reducing human exposure, the pilot remotely operates the drone at a safe distance.  With up to 16 litres of disinfectant fluid, multiple DJI Agras drones can spray entire areas of the affected land.

The drone capable of carrying up to 16 litres of load can be used to spray disinfectant on the streets and part of the town that are difficult to access with traditional vehicles. 

The article is written by Scott Handerson, get in touch with FEDS for more information. 



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