Monitor, Inspect, and Secure.

Our partner Delair-tech, with the help of French DoD, has developed dedicated solutions that are the most proficient on the market today: our systems are capable of recognising people from a distance of more than 1.5km, by day or night. They are enabled for satellite communication, automatic movement detection, video and geotracking, and EO and IR fusion. Our drones are silent and discreet, with a high-grade encryption data-link, long-range telecommunications and vision systems capable of managing GPS spoofing.

  • Endurance: 2 hours 30 minutes
  • Weight: 11kg (4kg payload capacity)
  • Range per flight: Up to 150 kms
  • Thermal video sensor EO/IR – gyrostabilised system – Optical zoom x10
  • Deployment: Less than 10 minutes
  • Wingspan / Length: 3.3 m / 1.6 m
  • Cruise speed: 50 km/h (27 kts)
  • Wind resistance: 75 km/h (27 kts)
  • Telecoms: Up to 20 km / 3G / 4G / satellites
  • Launch method / recovery: Catapult / belly (emergency parachute)
  • Flight altitude ceiling: Up to 5000 m ASL
  • Operations from -20° + 50°
  • 100% iTAR free
  • Face-to-face training and engineering support included

Detect people from 2.5 km, vehicle from 10 km!

Our DT26M can carry the best EO/IR gyro stabilised gimbal on the market for its size. It can fly for 2.5 hours non-stop with on-board image-processing features, detecting people from as far as 2,5 km and vehicles from a distance of 10 km. Videos are broadcast in real time via a secured radio link over a distance of more than 30 km, even under harsh conditions. It features advanced functions for encryption, video tracking and geotracking.

Indispensable surveillance tool

When it comes to ensuring security, aerial surveillance is indispensable. The key criteria for its effective deployment are image quality, speed of communication and equipment reliability. FEDS can demonstrate how our systems can increase your security, all with the utmost discretion.