Reliable data, maximum yield.

Drones technology is the ideal solution for the specific challenges posed by the agricultural sector. FEDS cover thousands of hectares in one flight, observing and characterising your crops so that you make the best decisions possible and optimise your yield. Those decisions depends on accurate data, which we provide using our most sophisticated sensors. We then process the data and analyse it, delivering the following reports:


A precise scouting map from FEDS gives you a detailed overview of your fields. These maps can be used to characterise your crop or forest behaviour with digital data. This improves efficiency – you can limit field scouting to clearly identified locations and make informed decisions on spraying herbicides or moving cattle for example.

Plants Assessment

Plant count, gap detection, estimation of plant heights – these details can all be presented in a digitised inventory map of your land. FEDS can give you an ortho-image including synthesis of plants counted in microplots/rows of missing plants or plant height per row. A resolution of 10 cm gives you a precise view of your production and helps you manage your resources with optimum efficiency. 


This service provides accurate scouting maps that give you a detailed overview of your field’s health. An ortho-image of AG inputs will be presented in a format compatible with AG equipment. Your decisions benefit and therefore your productivity increases, thanks to drones technology.

Real-time data analysis tailored to your needs.

FEDS are the experts in UAV’s precision agriculture, image processing, sensors and data processing. We make the best possible maps and reports available to you within reasonable time, maximising efficiency and yield.