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In the past few years, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)/Remotely Operated Aerial Vehicles (ROAVs) have become an essential part of many industries including the energy and mining sector. If your company are safety-conscious, seeking efficiency and cost sensitive, deploying drones and analytics solutions is the perfect solution to replace traditional costly practices.

Drone survey inspections

Our drone experts are specialised in Powerline inspection, Flare inspection, and Pipeline inspection. We are licensed to operates in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and the Northern Emirates. For data set sample and our complete inspection capabilities please contact us here.

Inspection drone


Flare Inspection

Traditionally, inspecting operating infrastructure can be lengthy and expensive. In some cases, where flight is not restricted due to confined spaces or other obstacles, the use of rental helicopters is possible – however these are also expensive and require advance scheduling. Our combination of qualified and experienced team and drone (ROAV) fleet make our service unique, providing detailed aerial inspection you need to make critical decisions, faster and in more cost-effective way.
Inspection drone


Power Line inspection

Power line installations require inspection checks to be conducted on a regular basis to insure continuity of the service and prevent incidents. The isolators check solution consists in analyzing isolators from both visual and infrared video footage to detect anomalies (e.g. defects, hot spots). The reports can be used to measure the risk associated to isolators on a given transmission or distribution line network to plan and prioritize maintenance operations. As such, they also represent the geolocation basis for maintenance teams to operate on-site.
Inspection drone


Leak Detection

Leaks needs to be addressed as quickly as possible when they happen for obvious costs and environmental reasons. After processing aerial images using photogrammetry, the results are run through algorithms developed by our teams to automatically detect traces of leaks. The areas then undergo a quality check to validate the detected locations or reject false positives. The report can also be used as the main support by operation and maintenance teams to address interventions for critical leaks.
stockpile drone survey


Volume Calculation

Knowing stockpile volumes on a regular basis is critical to optimizing a mine operation. They accurately indicate how much raw material was extracted and allow to effectively plan subsequent steps. Images from a drone acquisition are processed into a DSM (Digital Surface Model) which is the basis used for then applying volume calculation algorithms. Accurate volume calculations will support mineral processing plant optimization and quarterly financial estimates of the mine activity.
Drone survey


Emergency Assesment

Drones are particularly well adapted to emergency scenarios as they are easy to deploy and safe to use. Hence, when a natural disaster or accident happen, image acquisitions with high levels of detail can be performed within a few hours only. Combining the acquisition with our cloud-based photogrammetry solution profiting from endless computer processing power, our emergency mapping expertise allows the end user to get deliverables within a day. These deliverable can be used for visualization purposes to accurately assess the extent and importance of the damages caused by the event.
Drone survey inspections


Site Management

A good part of managing a mining business consists of monitoring infrastructure and environment to prevent costly downtime and health risks. As mine sites often extend over several square miles and conventional inspections take days, can be hazardous and potentially shut down the mining operation, equipment inspections consume valuable time of the short mining season. Industrial UAV carry out visual inspection tasks from a safe distance and don’t need more than a few hours – while the plant is running at full capacity.

For monitoring mines and quarries, volumes of stock piles and detecting anomalies, we offers a complete range of specific products such as orthomosaics and digital surface models (DSM) accurate to within one centimetre, contour lines and stock pile identification with corresponding volumes calculated.

Limitless possibilities, limitless potential.

The technology of our drones creates limitless possibilities and limitless potential for your business or your operation. Improve your decision-making process, cost structure, and safety policy by incorporating our drone technology into your business.