Some people just want to watch the world Droning! That’s how we feel about drone technology and the values it could bring into the world. Join us and let’s watch the world droning.

Drone photography Dubai

Looking from the bird’s eye view

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Compilation of aerial filming we've done in early 2017. We are driven by our passion for Drones. For us, it is a privilege to work with our partners and to...

Drones in Construction Industry

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Construction Today recognising the value drone use in the construction sector. Falcon Eye Drones had a quick interview to reveal some of the experiences the company had  and what the...
First class graduation from course and workshop of remote sensing and photogrammetry using drone

The first-of-its-kind drone training in Gulf region for remote sensing

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Over 25 participants representing four countries, including 16 participants from the UAE, have recently completed a specialised training course on remote sensing and photogrammetry techniques using aerial images from unmanned...

Flying a drone in Dubai without valid licence will attract a hefty fine.

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A new set of rules related to the aviation sector and general air space in Dubai was brought into effect on Thursday after approval by Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin...
Rabih bou Rashid interviewed by Sky News for his expertise in Drone application

SkyNews Interview: Drones for Sustainable Energy

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Our Managing Director Rabih B Rached was interviewed by SkyNews Arabia for the second time to give his views on the future of Drone technology, especially in providing sustainable energy....