First class graduation from course and workshop of remote sensing and photogrammetry using drone

The first-of-its-kind drone training in Gulf region for remote sensing

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Over 25 participants representing four countries, including 16 participants from the UAE, have recently completed a specialised training course on remote sensing and photogrammetry techniques using aerial images from unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)/Drones.

Held at the International Center for Biosaline Agriculture (ICBA) from 20 to 29 March 2017, the international training course and workshop on using UAVs for remote sensing and photogrammetry was the first of its kind in the Gulf region.

A team of 13 leading international experts from the USA, Spain, Japan, Canada, Malaysia, the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain shared knowledge and experience on a wide variety of UAVs and remote sensing. The training course and workshop were organised in partnership between Falcon Eye Drones, UAE, Arabian Gulf University (AGU), Bahrain, International Center for Biosaline Agriculture (ICBA), UAE, and BCN Drone Center, Spain.

The course & workshop combined theory and hands-on training with real UAV data sets and case studies of real applications. Falcon Eye Drones together with BCN Drone Center provided practical experience from flight planning to complete photogrammetry workflow to get the final results.

Flying a drone in Dubai without valid licence will attract a hefty fine.

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A new set of rules related to the aviation sector and general air space in Dubai was brought into effect on Thursday after approval by Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of Dubai Executive Council.

Burj Khalifa Panorama aerial

According to the rules, a fine between Dh2,000 and Dh20,000 will be levied for using non-registered drones for commercial activities. Using non-registered drones for other activities will bring a fine of between Dh1,000 and Dh20,000. Using drones during events without a no-objection letter from the authority can bring a fine of Dh10,000.

Based on the new resolution, anyone who seeks to carry out an activity in the aviation sector in Dubai is required to get a license from the DCAA. Licenses issued are valid for a renewable period of one year. The application for renewal should be submitted at least 30 days before the expiry of the license.

A fine of Dh5,000 is imposed on those who carry out activities in the aviation sector without receiving a license or a no-objection letter from the authority. Activities covered also include fireworks and laser displays, aerial photography and advertising, balloon launches and air lights.

There will be a fine of Dh30,000 for organising air shows without a no-objection letter, while organising an event that could affect air navigation will bring a fine of Dh10,000. A fine of Dh30,000 will be imposed for an activity that can seriously endanger air navigation. [Source: Khaleej Times]

Rabih bou Rashid interviewed by Sky News for his expertise in Drone application

SkyNews Interview: Drones for Sustainable Energy

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Our Managing Director Rabih B Rached was interviewed by SkyNews Arabia for the second time to give his views on the future of Drone technology, especially in providing sustainable energy. [Dubai’s Drone Experts]

The Drone: The Twing, short for tethered wing, is automatically deployed from a ground station and is able to harness the energy of the wind hundreds of meters above the ground. In comparison to a conventional wind turbine, no tower or foundation is required, so significantly less material is needed to produce a given amount of energy. At the 100kW scale, the target power range for TwingTec’s first product, the TT100, the entire groundstation can be integrated into a 20 foot shipping container, allowing for easy transportation and installation using existing logistical infrastructure.

The Twing was recently chosen as one of The UAE Drones for Good finalists in International category. Read more about The UAE Drones for Good and The Twing [here]