Drone survey and inspection

You can call us FEDS. The specialists you need to utilise the matchless potential of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) commonly referred to as ‘Drones’. Our business is continuously innovative and we can provide efficient solutions to your unique situation. Falcon Eye Drones believe in what we do and we pride ourselves on our integrity. We are at the forefront of technological advancements in our field, committed to providing more cost-effective and safe solutions than traditional methods.

That’s why we are excited about sharing our expertise with you.

Drone survey and inspection

FEDS is part of the Delair-Tech group, an international leading drone company based from Toulouse, France. FEDS is the partner of choice for Delair-Tech, taking care of all their business in the Middle East, providing both full drones systems and  fully customised service solutions to the major industries. Between the two companies, our drones have done more than 34,000 flights and covered 83,000km area worldwide.

Regionally, our most recent projects involved highly regarded government authorities, companies and organizations.


Drones offer limitless potential for your business. FEDS is leading the way in drone technology and drone-related solutions.