SkyNews Interview: Drones for Sustainable Energy

By March 1, 2017 No Comments

Our Managing Director Rabih B Rached was interviewed by SkyNews Arabia for the second time to give his views on the future of Drone technology, especially in providing sustainable energy. [Dubai’s Drone Experts]

The Drone: The Twing, short for tethered wing, is automatically deployed from a ground station and is able to harness the energy of the wind hundreds of meters above the ground. In comparison to a conventional wind turbine, no tower or foundation is required, so significantly less material is needed to produce a given amount of energy. At the 100kW scale, the target power range for TwingTec’s first product, the TT100, the entire groundstation can be integrated into a 20 foot shipping container, allowing for easy transportation and installation using existing logistical infrastructure.

The Twing was recently chosen as one of The UAE Drones for Good finalists in International category. Read more about The UAE Drones for Good and The Twing [here]